June, July, August Empties – Would I Repurchase? (Part 1)

I have sooooo much catching up to do. It feels like October just began, yet here we are–over halfway through it. I’ve been swamped with classes and work, and the empties have been piling up, hence naming this post “Part 1” of my June, July, and August stash. If I did the whole box, this post would be way too long. 🙂


  • ULTA Aromatherapy Shower Tablets:
    • Retail: $7.50 USD (5x – 0.8 oz / 23 g) ; 2x – $15.00 USD
    • Thoughts: I bought these during a B2G2 sale that Ulta was running, so I ended up getting four of these shower tablet packs for $15 (which equates to 20 shower tablets at $0.75/each). For this post, I’ll just count the two I purchased at $15 for the running tally at the end. The scents are not overpowering at all, and I like both of the scents pictured here, Eucalyptus + Sage and Lavender + Berries. You open up one of the individually wrapped tablets, set somewhere in the shower (away from the direct water stream), and let them fizz. One downside is that while they smell really great, they dissolve pretty quickly. It’s unfortunate, because I like the idea and overall experience of these shower tablets. (Any recommendations out there for a long-lasting option??)
    • Repurchase?: I’m on the fence. Love the idea of them, wish they lasted longer. I’d repurchase during one of the Ulta brand promos if I needed to spend a few more dollars for free shipping.



  • Thayer’s Alcohol-Free Witch Hazel with Aloe Vera (Amazon)
    • Retail: $8.70 – $12.27 USD (12 fl oz / 355 mL)
    • Thoughts: I posted about this in my Morning Skincare Routine: Acne Prone & Anti-Aging Focus blog post! Read the post for more information about where I use this in my routine, and why.
      For those who just want a quick rundown: this is what I use for my toner in the morning and the night. As you can see, I’ve used up both a full bottle of Rose Petal (the most popular option, it seems) and Cucumber. I have to say, I really like the Cucumber one. (You can get it here for $11.75 with Prime shipping, or pick it up as an add-on if you have some other items you need to purchase from Amazon). The Thayer’s Witch Hazel never leaves my skin feeling dry or stripped, it’s a staple in the /r/AsianBeauty community, and it’s very affordable, so I highly recommend this product as a toner option.
    • Repurchase?: Yes! I already have, I got another Cucumber version.



  • Cover-Dot Acne Care Patches (Amazon):
    • Retail: $12.50 USD (36 patches)
    • Thoughts: I posted about this in my previous empties post, so here is a quick “copy-paste” of my description of what acne covers/patches are: “I found out about acne blemish covers thanks to /r/AsianBeauty on Reddit! That place is a goldmine for skincare recommendations. These are round little “bandages” that use hydrocolloid and literally soak up pus and oily secretions. They are amazing.”
      So, in that empties post, I had finished a box of Nexcare Acne Absorbing Covers, which worked really well. I was curious about other blemish patches, though, so I tried out the Cover-Dot version. The Cover-Dot patches actually feel thinner than the Nexcare patches, and tend to “disappear” into the skin a little bit better. The both are effective, however, and do the job.
    • Repurchase?: Yes, definitely, and I already have! To be honest, I would repurchase either of them, the Cover-Dot or the Nexcare, (whichever was cheapest at the time) because I know they both work!
  • Cinema Secrets Break it Down Waterproof Makeup Remover:
    • Retail: $20.00 USD (4.2 fl oz)
    • Thoughts: This was a really good makeup remover, it reminded me a lot of the Clinique Take The Day Off remover. I would use it on either a cotton round or makeup wipe, and it removed makeup easily–even dark smokey eyes and dramatic lipsticks. This is definitely one of my “top” dual-phase makeup removers, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to anyone who might be looking for one. But, I do have other makeup removers I am trying to work through before I go and buy again.
    • Repurchase?: Yes, but no plans currently to repurchase in the near future.



  • Elizabeth & James Nirvana Black Dry Shampoo:
    • Retail: $28.00 USD (4.4 oz)
    • Thoughts: I’m a fan of the Nirvana Black perfume, and this dry shampoo does not disappoint. It smells amazing while providing a little extra volume and a very clean look to my hair. I’m blonde, however, so those of you who have darker hair may want to be wary of the white cast it could leave. My only gripe with this product is how much it costs. Since running out of this, I’ve been using the Verb Dry Shampoo (I mentioned it before in the previous empties post). The Verb one is way easier on my wallet, the amount of product lasts a lot longer, and performs just as well, if not better. Just wish it smelled like Nirvana Black. 😦
    • Repurchase?: Yes, if I had a gift card to Sephora.
  • Not Your Mother’s Blonde Moment Treatment Shampoo:
    • Retail: $7.99 USD (8.0 oz)
    • Thoughts: The last purple shampoo I had was the Kevin Murphy Blonde Angel Wash, which I wrote about–surprise–in my last empties post. I have color-treated blonde hair, and one of the biggest things about maintaining blonde is trying to prevent brassiness that can come over time from the initial toner fading, hard water, etc. I really liked the Kevin Murphy Blonde Angel Wash, but again, it was a bit pricey and I’ve been trying to be more conscious of my budget!
      So the search was on for an alternative, and I found one I am pretty happy with: the Not Your Mother’s Blonde Moment Treatment Shampoo. It has a rich purple hue to really help reduce brassy tones, plus you get 8 oz for $8, compared to 8.4 oz for $35 from Kevin Murphy. Not to mention the NYM brand goes on sale all the time at Ulta–at the time of this post, the Blonde Moment shampoo is actually $4!! Big savings here with this product.
    • Repurchase?: Yes, I already have!


Final Thoughts

The total value of the empties I used up for Part 1 of June-July-August ended up being $104.46 USD. That may seem like a small number, but there’s still a Part 2 (and possibly a Part 3) to come!

The total value of empties I used up in all installments of this series so far is $732.10 USD! I am getting close to the $1000 mark, and I’m sure I will hit it within the next two empties posts, considering I still have a box filled with empties and a few new items being added to it over the next few days.

Now that we are so close to $1000, it’s kind of mind-blowing to think that I’ve bought that much product over the last two years. When you make purchases here and there, without using up things you already have, your spending definitely adds up over time in a very sneaky way. Working through these empties is not only rewarding but a good reminder that I need to be conscious of what I already have at home before making any purchase decisions.

Hopefully you found this post useful, interesting, or maybe even a little motivating to start working through products you already own at home. I have a friend who has recently begun tracking her empties, so it’s really cool to see what other people are using up! What’s the most recent item you emptied? 🙂

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