March 2017 Empties – Would I Repurchase?

Hi everyone. Today’s post is super late, as it is a March Empties post… and it is currently May. (Buckle in, this might be a bit of a long post!!) After this I will be working on getting my April Empties post finished and then not long after that I will hopefully have a May Empties post after this month is over so I can be all caught up.

I love watching other people’s empties videos and reading empties posts. I think we live in a time that is all about consumption of new products, and we constantly are being bombarded with “what’s new?”, “what’s the next best thing?”, etc., and as a result we become wasteful and don’t use up what we currently have. Many times we forget to “shop our stash” while we collect more and more products. I am guilty of this! So I’ve been trying to make an effort to really use up products I have.

These posts will have full-sized and sample-sized items, because I also think it’s important to try to use up samples. I have a special container set-up in my closet that divides out my sachets, my makeup samples, and my skincare samples that is nearly overflowing. When I start considering buying a new product, I now ask myself… do I have something in my sample collection that serves that product’s purpose, that I should use first? (A lot of times the answer is yes.) Finally, when I finish any product, I have a special box it goes into until I’m ready to photograph my empties for that month.

So there is some background to some of my thinking regarding empties. Below each image will be a short “mini review” and whether or not I would repurchase. At the end of the post, I’ll do my best to calculate the cost of each product I finish, and give a total.

On to the products!


Makeup wipes galore! There was a period I was overflowing with half-used makeup wipe packs. I realized I needed to stop buying new ones and work through the ones I already had.

  • Kirkland Pre-Moistened Cleansing Towelettes:
    • Retail: $11.99 USD (150-ct towelettes)
    • Thoughts: These are actually a part of a 150 count box that I pick up at Costco. You get four 30-ct packs of resealable wipes, and two 15-ct packs of travel wipes. These two 15-ct sets were all I had left to finish out the whole 150-ct box. I like these because they were very gentle and they tended to keep their moisture better than other wipes I have used.
    • Repurchase?: Yes
  • Yes To Tomatoes Detoxifying Charcoal Facial Wipes (Amazon):
    • Retail: $5.99 USD (30-ct wipes)
    • Thoughts: These were okay. Not horrible, not great. They had a noticeable fragrance, the wipes were black which was kind of cool, but they often felt a little dry. I also did not feel like I could use these to help remove my eye makeup because of some of the ingredients, so I had to use a separate eye makeup remove on a cotton round. (I usually just add some eye makeup remover directly to the facial wipe.)
    • Repurchase?: No
  • Clinique Take The Day Off Micellar Cleansing Towelettes: 
    • Retail: $14.00 USD (50-ct towelettes)
    • Thoughts: These are actually really nice and I do like them. My main gripe is that while you do get 50 towelettes per pack, they cost $14, whereas with the Kirkland Towelettes, I can get 150 towelettes for roughly $12. Being on a budget and having towelettes as a regular part of my routine means that for me, the Kirkland brand is the best value all around, so I won’t be repurchasing the Clinique ones even though I did really like them.
    • Repurchase?: No



  • Target Up & Up Deep Cleaning Pore Strips: 
    • Retail: $5.89 USD (14 strips)
    • Thoughts: These do what most strips do: you wet your nose, apply, let dry, and peel off and check out all the stuff that gets pulled out. I get the best results when I do a face mask before hand, and apply these immediately after removing the mask with warm water. If I don’t do that, the results are lackluster. I have been using these less and less as I have been learning about how pore strips in general may contribute to broken capillaries, so I am on the fence about whether I will repurchase.
    • Repurchase?: Maybe
  • Sunday Riley Tidal Brightening Enzyme Water Cream: 
    • Retail: $22.00 USD (0.5 oz / 15 g)
    • Thoughts: I actually bought this when I was visiting my family in Minnesota over Christmas 2016 break. I picked up this travel-sized Tidal as I was experiencing a lot of skin sensitivity (red/raw), dehydrated patches, etc, and it was recommended to me by a Sephora girl. It’s incredibly refreshing, feels amazing on the skin, and I prefer to use it at night before bed, since I use a Paula’s Choice moisturizer and a separate sunscreen during the daytime.
    • Repurchase?: Yes, I bought the full-sized after this ran out
  • Clarins Super Restorative Total Eye Concentrate: 
    • Retail: estimated $17.00 USD (sample, 0.1 oz / 3 mL)
    • Thoughts: A full size is 0.5 oz and retails for $85, which is crazy to me, because I honestly didn’t really see any improvements around my eyes. It has a very light consistency, but didn’t help my dark circles, and I’m not sure if it helped to ward off fine lines. I have used other eye creams since that I enjoy more.
    • Repurchase?: No
  • Glamglow Supermud Clearing Treatment: 
    • Retail: $69.00 USD (1.7 oz / 50 g)
    • Thoughts: I really enjoyed this mask. I would use it at least once a week on my face and often I would use it as a spot treatment. I really have nothing negative to say about the product, I think it does what it says it is going to do. My only gripe is the price, because I have other masks that I love just as much which cost only a third of the price of this Glamglow mask. At this time I wouldn’t repurchase it, but it’s a really great product I enjoyed using and scraped every last bit out of the jar.
    • Repurchase?: Not at this time



  • Deciem Hair Is Fabric Growth Support Cleansing Conditioner: 
    • Retail: $33.00 USD individually (180 mL)
    • Thoughts: I bought a trio of these Cleansing Conditioners from Deciem during their Black Friday sale in 2016. This is the only one I have used so far. I would use this only at my scalp and massage it in, and then I would use a separate conditioner on the remaining length of my hair. The smell is really nice, hard to describe, and the texture of the product is interesting–different from what you’d think a conditioner should feel like, but I definitely enjoy using this up. I have the two other full-sized Cleansing Conditioners waiting to be used but I kind of wish I just had two more of these.
    • Repurchase?:  Maybe



  • Pixi by Petra Glow Tonic: 
    • Retail: $15.00 USD (3.4 fl. oz / 100 mL)
    • Thoughts: This is my second or third empty of the 3.4 fl. oz size of this product. It’s a glycolic acid treatment which I actually use on alternating nights. (I use Sunday Riley’s Good Genes in between, so my nighttime “acid rotation” is lactic one day, glycolic the next, back to lactic, back to glycolic…) On the nights I use this, I use it on a cotton round, let it sink in, and then follow with Drunk Elephant T.L.C. Framboos Glycolic Night Serum.
    • Repurchase?: Yes, I have repurchased the XL version since
  • Paula’s Choice 2% BHA Liquid (Amazon): 
    • Retail: $29.00 USD (4 fl. oz / 118 mL)
    • Thoughts: I have been using this for years. There’s lots of information out there about this product–it’s a liquid form of BHA (beta-hydroxy acid) aka salicylic acid. The liquid version works best on my combination-oily skin. This is one of my favorite skincare products and is a staple in my routine.
    • Repurchase?: Yes, I have a backup waiting as I finish my current bottle
  • Dr. Carver’s Easy Shave Butter: 
    • Retail: $8.00 USD (6 oz / 170 g)
    • Thoughts: I am a subscriber of the Dollar Shave Club (here’s my referral link if you want to join!). I first signed up at the end of last year, and decided to try out their shave cream with my first order. It’s not a bad shave cream, it gets the job done, but I think I prefer the Trader Joe’s Honey Mango Moisturizing Cream Shave more. Even though I don’t plan to repurchase more bottles of this, I still receive my monthly blades from DSC and am really happy with the service.
    • Repurchase?: No



I’m thinking about doing a full post about all the dry shampoos I have tried, and listing out my favorites along with the ones I would never try again. These are four that I finished in March, and I tried even more since then.

  • Amika Perk Up Dry Shampoo: 
    • Retail: $10.00 USD (1 oz / 28.3 g)
    • Thoughts: I loved the scent of this. Some people either love it or hate it, I have learned, but I thought it smelled great! Didn’t leave a white residue or cast in my hair. I would spray this section by section in my hair, let it set for a bit, and then brush it out. I have debated picking up the Dry Shampoo and Dry Conditioner set of this from Sephora, because I would absolutely use this again.
    • Repurchase?: Yes
  • AG Hair Care Simply Dry Dry Shampoo: 
    • Retail: $8.95 USD (1 oz / 28 g)
    • Thoughts: Absolutely hated this dry shampoo. Came out very wet, had a strong alcohol smell to it, even made my hair look flakey / dry, and left a bad enough “cast” to my hair that a friend even brought it up to me (as nicely as they could, hah!). Then the nozzle mechanism broke the second time I tried to use it, which I took as a sign.
    • Repurchase?: No
  • Unwash Dry Cleanser: 
    • Retail: $9.00 USD (1 oz / 30 g)
    • Thoughts: This wasn’t a bad dry shampoo but it wasn’t my favorite. I know this because there’s nothing that stands out in my memory of it. If it had a scent, it wasn’t great or awful, since I can’t really recall any. I believe I had to be careful about how much I would use because if I used it two days in a row, it would start to feel like there was a build up, which not all dry shampoos do that. This wouldn’t be a repurchase for me, and not because it was bad, but simply because there are others that I know I really liked.
    • Repurchase?: No
  • Living Proof Perfect Hair Day Dry Shampoo: 
    • Retail: $12.00 USD (1.8 oz / 52 g)
    • Thoughts: I’ve actually used one or two of these travel sizes up and it really does leave your hair feeling fresh and clean. Like the Amika, I would spray it section by section, brush my teeth while I let it set for a bit, and then brush out. It could leave a bit of a cast if you spray too close or too much in one spot, but I always found my hair had more volume and looked refreshed after using it. Would absolutely get a full size of this.
    • Repurchase?: Yes



  • Revlon UniqOne Coconut All In One Hair Treatment (Amazon): 
    • Retail: estimate $0.64 USD (0.3 fl. oz / 9 mL)
    • Thoughts: This came in a hair care sampler pack from Ulta sometime last year, but I can’t seem to find it on Ulta’s website. I got about two uses out of this small sample bottle (sprayed after shower on towel dried hair), and it left my hair feeling really smooth, looking very shiny, and smelling amazing. I really did like this sample but I have never seen it in any stores, so this would be a “maybe” for me since I’d have to order it online. I found the full size is 5.1 oz for just under $11 on Amazon (out-of-stock, though), so it’s a lot of product for a very affordable price.
    • Repurchase?: Maybe
  • Living Proof Restore Perfecting Spray: 
    • Retail: estimate $1.75 USD (0.5 oz / 15 mL)
    • Thoughts: I actually got two samples of this from separate orders, one from Ulta and one from Sephora, and I really like it! Living Proof continues to impress me with their hair products. The sample size lasted a handful of uses after shower, and I liked that it helps to detangle, condition, and provide heat protection to my hair. I have a lot of leave in products to work through but this is one I would consider repurchasing in the future.
    • Repurchase?: Yes
  • Christophe Robin Regenerating Mask with Rare Prickly Pear Seed Oil: 
    • Retail: $14.49 USD (1.7 oz / 48 g)
    • Thoughts: I received this as a sample in a Sephora Play! box a few months ago and got three or four uses out of this hair mask. I didn’t mind the fragrance (which seems to be a point of contention for many people), but I don’t feel like my hair was any softer or in better condition after using it. It was an average mask for me and I’m shocked that the full size costs $71 (8.33 oz) when it didn’t do anything remarkable.
    • Repurchase?: No



  • Laura Mercier Secret Brightening Powder: 
    • Retail: $26.00 USD (0.14 oz / 4.2 g)
    • Thoughts: I bought this on the recommendation of a Sephora employee when I was first becoming interested in “baking” last summer. I religiously used this to set my under eye and also sometimes my t-zone area, and was pretty pleased with the results overall. I have since branched out and tried many other loose powders, from Dermablend, Kat Von D, to most recently Tarte, and I can say that now that I have tried others, the Laura Mercier one isn’t bad by any means, but I know I won’t be repurchasing it.
    • Repurchase?: No
  • Milani Make It Last Setting Spray: 
    • Retail: $10.00 USD (2.03 fl. oz / 60 mL)
    • Thoughts: I love everything about this setting spray! The nozzle is great and has a fine mist, no big droplets flying out, the fragrance is really refreshing and nice, and I loved how my makeup looked after setting with it! From the day I got this to the day it was empty, I used it daily. I went through it probably faster than any other setting spray I have ever used. Now that I’ve found this, I am working on using up all my other setting sprays before repurchasing, but I will absolutely be buying this again!
    • Repurchase?: Yes


Final Thoughts

The total value of the empties I used up ended up being $323.70 USD.

Not including the values of the sample sizes, the total amount of money I spent on products (pre-tax/shipping) and successfully used up, was $289.82 USD.

While not every product was a favorite or will be a repurchase for me, it feels good knowing that the money I did spend did not end up going to waste. I’d be interested in seeing the total cost of products I used up at the end of the year (not including January and February, unfortunately). Hopefully you found this post useful or maybe even a little motivating to start working through products you already own at home. 🙂

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